Massage Services

The Licensed Massage Therapists at Harmony Massage offer diverse specialties. We have the very best in relaxation and stress-reduction massage and therapeutic and injury treatment massage.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Half Hour: 50.00 | One Hour: $90.00 | Ninety Minute: $130.00 | Two Hours: $170.00

A deeply relaxing massage, its benefits include increased blood flow and lymph activity which increases nourishment of the body’s tissues. Swedish Massage helps keep joints, tendons, and muscles limber and increases range of motion. The patient will feel more refreshed and relaxed after a session of Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Half Hour: 50.00 | One Hour: $90.00 | Ninety Minute: $130.00 | Two Hours: $170.00

This massage addresses the deep layers of connective tissue in the muscles. Where muscles have become chronically tight, Deep Tissue Massage will create a greater relaxation and lengthening of the muscles. This form of massage can be used to decrease scar tissue in areas of old injuries, increasing range of motion and reducing chronic pain.

Migraine Therapy

Migraine Half Hour: 50.00 | One Hour: $90.00 | Ninety Minute: $130.00 | Two Hours: $170.00

Usually a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Injury Treatment techniques which primarily address the muscles of the face, jaw, neck, and shoulders. The tension and spasm of these areas often contributes to headaches.

Injury Treatment Massage

Injury Treatment: $42.50 per 15 minutes

This form of massage may include any of the above types of massage as well as other massage techniques effective in treating specific injuries. Massage Therapy is increasingly recognized for its benefits in treating injury, relieving pain, and reducing recovery time. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Harmony Massage are especially skilled in applying massage for the resolution of such difficulties.

Cost of injury treatment massage includes billing to your Automobile insurance (PIP) or Workers Compensation Insurance.


Reflexology One Hour: $90.00 | Ninety Minute: $130.00 | Two Hours: $170.00

More than just a foot massage, reflexology is based on the principle that there are maps of the entire body mirrored on the feet, hands and ears. Alternating pressure applied to points on these maps helps to create balance within the body, soothing the nervous system, improving circulation and reducing stress.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal One Hour: $110.00 | Ninety Minute: $150.00 

Research shows there are many benefits to receiving prenatal or pregnancy massage.  Among these are reduced pain, reduction in anxiety and depression and improved labor outcomes.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone One Hour: $115.00 | Hot Stone Ninety Minute: $155.00

Smooth heated stones are incorporated into the massage to warm and promote relaxation of the muscles. This type of massage helps relax muscles, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, and reduce pain.

Couples Massage

Couples One Hour: $220.00 | Couples Ninety Minute: $300.00

Couples Massage is done with two people receiving a massage from two therapists in a single room.  Couples Massage is popular among sweet hearts or friends who want to spend the time during their massage relaxing together.


Cupping: 30 Minutes $75.00 | Cupping One Hour: $115.00

Cupping is an ancient healing technique in which the therapist creates suction using special cups placed on the client's skin.

At Harmony Massage the focus of the cupping session is to help relax the muscles and connective tissue of the body.

The suction created in cupping stretches the tissue outward, creating an effect similar to deep tissue or myofascial release. It's like massage therapy in reverse, instead of applying inward pressure to the muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull the muscles outward.

If you have questions about these or other types of massage available at Harmony Massage, please call us at 425-806-5525 and talk with one of our Massage Therapists.

Somatic Unwinding

One Hour: $105.00 

A massage from our certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner uses Somatic Experiencing massage techniques combined with other styles of massage to deliver results. Somatic Experiencing is a holistic body-based method for completing unresolved anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral One Hour: $105.00 | Craniosacral Ninety Minute: $150.00

Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on therapy that is used to provide relief from pain from such causes as headaches, neck pain and side effects of cancer treatment.

Using a light touch, the Craniosacral practitioner examines the movement of fluid around the central nervous system.  A gentle placement of hands is used to release the connective tissue of the body (fascia) that holds parts of the body tight, causing pain and holding misalignments in place.

Craniosacral Therapy is used to relieve pain, boost immunity and improve the biological functioning of the body.

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Senior Discount

A discount of 10 percent off the above prices is available for persons age sixty and older. This discount may not be combined with other offers.


Please let us know 24 hours prior to any cancellation or change of an appointment time. It will give us a chance to fill that appointment and maintain our great pricing and policies.

Same day appointments are often available.


What Our Clients Say


The therapists at Harmony Massage listen to your concerns, ask questions and are willing to adjust their approach to meet your needs and goals. I trust Harmony Massage and the therapists’ approach to scheduling and billing practices and their integrity in everything they provide. Massage has helped not only my physical health, buy my mental health. It provides a physical element of feeling better and a mental relaxation treat!

-Kimberli Nichols